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Sebastian Graf

All projects are accessible on Github hosted under the disy-organization.

Treetank is a Java-framework supporting secure storage.

Relying on an intrinsic tree-structure mapped to an ZFS-like page-layer, integrity, consistency and accountability is provided by the tree, encryption of the pages and versioning of the pages.

This project is currently my main focus since the aim is to enable Treetank to store data securely on cloud-infrastructures.

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Perfidix is a benchmarking framework written to benchmark Java code.

Similar to JUnit, annotations are utilized to measure time, storage, memory, … within multiple invocations of a method. The results can be exported as CSV or table summarizing the statistical output.

Perfidix is widely used by my projects to measure everything. Even though not actively further developed, new meters are inserted on demand.

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jSCSI is a library implementing the iSCSI-RFC completely in Java.

Completely independent, jSCSI offers easy multithreading and error handling besides the platform independence.

Even I got the time to refactor the initiator, implemented as thesis-projects, the project is currently in hibernation but used for other students’ projects within our group.

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